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Q : Why do I feel dizzy and have headaches after taking Nu Prep?
A : This symptom is known as detox effect of the herb and is transient. It can occur during the first 4 days of consumption. However, it does not happen to everyone. Drink plenty of water while consuming Nu Prep. If that “transient effect” prolongs to one week, stop taking it or reduce its dosage or see a doctor.

Q : Can Nu Prep be consumed by women?
A : Yes. Traditionally Tongkat Ali has been used for women after birth as an energy booster.

Q : Can a pregnant or breast-feeding mother take Nu Prep?
A ; Nu Prep is not advisable to be taken when you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Q : Can I take Nu Prep if I am not on prescription medication?
A : Yes. However if is advisable for you to consult your doctor or a healthcare professional before consuming Nu Prep.

Q : Can I take other nutritional supplements with Nu Prep?
A : Yes.

Q ; Can consuming Nu Prep overdose me?
A : We recommend you take 3 capsules per day. However, in the event that the response is insufficient at such doses, a higher dose may be taken such that the desired effect is achieved. It is not unusual to take a higher dose earlier and later maintain it at a lower dose (example take 3-4 capsules and once you have achieved a desired effect, to maintain at 2).
Q : What is the difference between Nu Prep 75 and 100? Which is more suitable for me?
A : Nu Prep 75 is 75mg of Tongkat Ali Extract in one capsule and similarly Nu Prep 100 is 100mg. Generally, our recommended dosage or effective amount is 1mg Tongkat Ali Extract to 1kg body weight. But we also have to take into consideration your age, weight and size, physical condition and lifestyle.

Q : I am diabetic. Can I take Nu Prep Tongkat Ali?
A : There is no contraindication recorded.

Q : Have any studies been done on the toxicity or side-effects of Tongkat Ali? Is it true that long-term consumption can cause an enlarged prostate?
A : One of the earlier studies done on human testicular tissues showed that Nu Prep does not enhance production of Dihydrotestosterone, which in high concentration can enhance prostate growth. Nu Prep enhances production of Testosterone, Androstenedione and DHEA and is safe for your prostate.

Q ; Can I take Nu Prep continuously on a long-term basis or should I space out the consumption?
A : Nu Prep behaves like a conductor of an orchestra. Its effect is to enhance whenever and wherever there is a need for the body’s system to work more. The moment it is no longer available for the body to use, the enhancement effect will no longer be there. Considering that our body’s function has a balancing system, Nu Prep maintains that balancing system, not causing imbalance. Nu Prep has no known adverse effect. Being herbal in nature it exhorts a detox effect, namely a feeling of heatiness for a few days, if at all it has any untoward effects, taking extra fluids can reduce the feeling of heatiness.

Q: I have diabetes 2 and it affects my sex life. How does Nu Prep work inside my body?
A : The concoction made from the roots of Tongkat Ali has been used by our forefathers for strength and energy and is important for our daily physical activities. Now, we have extracted the qualities that can provide consistent goodness without damaging the immune system. However, Tongkat Ali is not for treating any specific ailment like the condition you are having. It can be used as a supplement for prevention and enhancement. If you take Tongkat Ali according to its recommended dose you will find that you are less tired, less fatigued and you will discover a faster rate of recovery from tiredness than before. If you do regular exercise you will see that your sugar level drops faster and this is because of the energizing effect of Tongkat Ali. Incidentally, Tongkat Ali has been found to enhance testosterone and modulate growth hormones (this is to increase it if it is low) and other hormones as well. Therefore Tongkat Ali works better if you do regular exercise. If you have less firm erections, you will find better hardness. However it is not a cure for impotence.


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